Week 4: Eat Blog

DAY 22
Meals pho with eye round steak (Tan My)
shepherd's pie + baked beans + mustard greens
Snacks fruit granola bar, carrots + hummus
Beverages -
Other banana bread + honey, salted caramel ice cream
Activity -
Weight 193.5 lbs
DAY 23
Meals salad w/ blue cheese, candied walnuts, bacon (Cover 3)
salad w/ blue cheese, cranberries + 1/2 10" pepperoni pizza (Pinthouse Pizza)
Snacks Salty & Sweet bar
Beverages 3 beers
Other ice cream
Activity bike (13 miles)
Weight 193.5 lbs
DAY 24
Meals portabello sandwich w/ mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, pesto (Short Bus Subs)
roasted eggplant, baba ganoush + roasted carrots, carrot puree + lamb kebab, rutabaga & potato puree, tomato sauce (Patrizi's)
Snacks -
Beverages 1 diet coke, 1 Maker's Mark
Other 1 scoop ice cream
Activity -
Weight 193.5 lbs
DAY 25
Meals turkey, bacon, ranch sub (Firehouse Subs)
6 wings (Pour House)
Snacks 1 bag wheat thins, cheese toast
Beverages 2 beers
Other -
Activity -
Weight 192.5 lbs
DAY 26
Meals wood-fired salad w/ steak & veggies + Mexican corn + chips and salsa (Dos Batos)
Thai fried rice with fried tofu and hot sriracha (Thai Kitchen)
Snacks ugli fruit
Beverages 1 diet coke
Other 2 scoops ice cream w/ heath bar topping (Amy's Ice Cream)
Activity -
Weight 192 lbs
DAY 27
Meals 1/2 pimento cheese, jalapeno sandwich w/ bacon + 1/2 Thai chicken, jalapeno coleslaw sandwich w/ pate (Noble Pig)
3 dumplings (pork, chicken, sweet potato & kale) + 1 pork gyoza + edamame + scallion pancake w/ egg (Dumpling Happiness)
Snacks 2 small slices of pepperoni pizza /w jalapeno
Beverages 1 diet coke
Other 1 cookie (Noble Pig), 2 chocolate filled fried wontons (Dumpling Happiness)
Activity bike (59 miles)
Weight 192 lbs
DAY 28
Meals 1 cowboy taco (beef tenderloin, grilled corn, peppers, guacamole, queso fresco) + 1 Jess special (migas, avocado, cheese) (Taco Deli)
2 pieces frittata (spinach, mushroom, jalapeno, cheese) + toast
Snacks chocolate milk, carrots & hummus, nuts
Beverages 1 diet coke, 1 Maine root beer
Other banana bread
Activity -
Weight 192 lbs