Week 17: Eat Blog

DAY 113
Meals toast w/ butter & jelly
1/2 curried egg w/ bacon sandwich + 1/2 jalapeno thai chicken + chips + jalapeno slaw (Noble Pig)
Pad cha catfish + masman curry + shrimp pad thai (Saps)
Beverages 1 Doppelganger, 1 diet coke

Week 12: Eat Blog

DAY 78
Meals english muffin w/ butter & jelly + sabudana khichdi
Bacon McDouble + Crispy Chicken Snack Wrap (McDonalds)
Snacks bhakarwadi, 2 oz. bag of Cheezits, english muffin w/ cheese, chivda
Beverages 2 diet cokes

Week 10: Eat Blog

DAY 64
Meals wood-fired salad w/ chicken & veggies + cilantro aioli dressing (Dos Batos)
Snacks peanut butter crackers, pistachios, cheezits, doritos
Beverages 3 diet cokes
Other 1 bag of cookies, 1/2 lemon bar

Eat It, Blog It: Week 9 Update

It's been a little over two months since I started logging my food intake and activity. It's been an interesting behavioral experiment. I definitely have noticed that I am more aware of how much am I eating.

For example, if I have a particularly gluttonous day, I will significantly reduce my calorie intake for the next day or two. Or when I look back on the week and notice that I haven't been consuming as many greens or vegetables as I might like, I try to self-correct.