Hello World

This is my first blog post. I know, 1995 called and they wanted to say welcome to the party. I just thought it was about time I started a blog so that I could tell all my friends "didn't you read my blog post about that?!"

I'm a signal processing and software engineer in Austin, Texas. After finishing grad school at UT Austin last year, I started working in the Algorithms & Modeling group in the R&D division at Ticom Geomatics, Inc. In grad school, I worked on software-defined radio (SDR) systems, wireless network simulation, and a variety of wireless communications problems. In a nutshell, I enjoy using math and software to solve interesting problems. For the past year, I've been developing SDR systems to process and geolocate cellular signals.

I'll be using this blog to document my ongoing projects, talk about interesting technologies, and comment on the-latest-and-greatest in my neck of the woods.