Eat It, Blog It

It's been an incredibly long time since I've used my blog for anything. I've decided to embark on a little experiment and will do so with the aid of the blog. I'm a big believer in documenting things and the power of shame. I'm trying to combine the two to hopefully create some awareness that will help me lose some weight and perhaps live a little healthier lifestyle, i.e. shame me into being a little less tubby. I've decided to try logging my meals and activity on a daily basis for the next month (mostly to see if I can consistently do anything non-work-related for an extended period of time now that I'm out of my twenties). I won't be counting calories, keeping precise measurement-based data about the quantity of my food intake, or logging every detail of my activity/workouts. The engineer in me is a little disappointed, but the pragmatist in me understands.

The initial pieces of data I plan to record include: a daily weigh-in, my activity (i.e., workouts or anything that rises to the level of exercise), and my meals, snacks, beverages (non-water-coffee-or-tea), and *other foods* (bullshit/bad-decision food). That last category is subjective, but it's things that I know I shouldn't be eating if I want to lose any weight. Well, tomorrow will be my first day, so we'll see how long this project lasts.